Just an incredible unit! Four 79" tall wall mount rods support 11 different shelves. The wall rods or "stantions" are a super-simple slatted design with a teak veneer over metal, making them attractive but very sturdy. There is one "desk" shelf (perfect for a laptop as pictured) that is 12.75" deep, four shelves that are 9.25" deep, and six shelves that are 7" deep. All the shelves are 33.75" wide making up three bays that cover an astounding 103" of wall space! The unit can be arranged an infinite number of ways and the shelves are solid teak. Very reminiscent of the units created by Poul Cado and Kai Christiansen. There are some burns on the underside of shelves ,from candles I imagine, but the unit is in very good condition otherwise.The unit is easy to move, easy to install, and an organizational dream!